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Our IICRC Master Cleaning provides the expertise needed to clean and restore today's hard surfaces. Many times your natural stone (such as marble and granite), ceramic, VCT (vinyl composite tile), wood, laminate and concrete actually look better than new when we've completed our restorative cleaning and sealing.

Natural stone that has been expertly polished and finished can be one of the most beautiful surfaces available. We'll inspect your stone and recommend the service level required to bring it to its full potential. In many cases a honing, polishing, cleaning and sealing service is all that's required to produce fantastic results.

We use a terrific new technique and specific tools (truck-mount steam and spinner) to clean grout and ceramics such as porcelain, quarry tile, Terra-cotta and Saltillo. Concrete also responds favorably to this treatment: pre-vacuuming, pre-spotting, pre-spraying is followed by a truck-mounted hot water extraction rinse using a special hard surface extraction tool. We strongly recommend grout sealing to help preserve the integrity of your newly cleaned tile and grout.

Vinyl composite tile (VCT) that has been vacuumed stripped, cleaned, rinsed and finished ("waxed") by our staff often appears so vibrant that a person needs sun glasses to inspect after the finish! The clean, deep shine we create with multiple coats of finish ("wax") can be stunning!

Wood and Laminate Restoration
The same is true regarding our wood and laminate restoration results. After thorough dry soil removal, we gently, mechanically scrub a neutral wood floor cleaner onto your floors until we have removed all soiling. We also use colored wood fillers to repair deep gouges and scratches – followed by an application of a urethane finish that, especially after multiple coats, looks fantastic!

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